• Sports teams and school projects are great additions to a child's educational and social experience, but the expense can be daunting. Many teams and schools turn to fundraising to meet financial goals. While fundraising can be a challenge, a simple common-sense plan can help you meet your goals.

    Try these winning ideas to help sports teams and schools meet fundraising goals.

    Team Sports

    Winning Ideas for Sports Teams and School Fundraising

    Sports teams may need uniforms, equipment, or travel expenses for away games. Try these suggestions to meet your goals:

    • Sport-A-Thon. Turn anything into a "thon". Examples: Pushup-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Bike-a-thon, Run- a-thon, Dribble-a-thon, or other sport-related activities. Get pledges and sponsors for individuals or teams from family, friends, businesses and the community. Pass out flyers and advertise on social media.
    • Sports Auction. This fundraising event will raise money and enthusiasm for your team. This activity is also know as dugnad idrettslag (https://norgesbriketten.no/dugnad-idrettslag/) Gather sports memorabilia for an auction. Auction signed baseballs or jerseys from your team or local celebrities; framed photos or posters of exciting moments from games; championship memorabilia; and gift baskets or items donated from sports stores. Hold the event at a gym or online. The team should wear their uniforms to the event to show team spirit and build community support.
    • Pancake/Waffle Breakfast. This is a good fundraising activity to hold before team practice or a game because your customers are already there. Set up a mobile kitchen on-site of the game or nearby at a local gym or church.
    • Chili Cookoff. Teams can compete with their favorite chili recipes. Don't forget to give a trophy, ribbon or prizes to winners.
    • Change Drive. Put a description of your fundraising goals and purpose on the jar. Leave change collection jars at businesses, restaurants, and organizations around town.

    School Fundraisers

    Winning Ideas for Sports Teams and School Fundraising

    These suggestions are great for Pre-school - High School:

    • Fundraising Letters, also known as "dugnad tjene penger klassetur". This is a simple and low-cost activity that's good for all ages. Children and teens write letters to family, friends, business partners, and others that may support your effort. Letters add a personal touch that helps donors connect with the school (https://norgesbriketten.no/dugnad-tjene-penger-klassetur/), students, and the project. Students should share their enthusiasm for their school and why the project is important to the school and community. Students can draw pictures or include things relevant in their letters.
    • Car Wash. Car washes are common in fundraising because they work. Choose a place where there is a lot of traffic. Make your car wash unique: have your school mascot present; ask the workers to wear funny hats or costumes, play fun music; have catchy signs; pass out flyers; advertise on social media; and do a good job.
    • Activity-A-Thon. Choose an activity and turn it into a "thon". Examples: Jump-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Bike-a-thon, Dance-a-thon, Hula Hoop-a-thon or activities age-appropriate for your students. Get pledges and sponsors from family, friends, businesses and the community. Pass out flyers and use social media to advertise. 
    • Talent Night. Have fun selling tickets to this event to see friends, teachers, and staff show their special talents. The acts should be funny, silly, or just crazy entertaining.
    • Murder Mystery Dinner. Get the drama department busy on this one. They can make up the performance or use a good mystery book or play. The meal can be a simple spaghetti dinner.


    Earn extra money for your fundraising event with value-added activities.

    • Collect extra funds in a collection box with a giant thermometer poster of your fundraising goals in a prevalent spot at your event.
    • Sell food and drinks at your fundraising events, such as baked goods, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream, snow cones, and sodas.
    • Have "Silent Auctions" of donated items, such as gift baskets; gift cards; restaurant, nail salon or service coupons; and other popular items.
    • Facepainting Booth. The art teacher, parents or talented students can transform participants with this fun activity. Include team or school colors.
    • Sell crafts that the team or students made, such as bracelets (team and school colors) or other popular items.
    • When advertising your fundraising event on social media, set up a " Donate Now" button to your website's donation page.
    • If doing a bake sale or chili cook-off, sell small printed booklets with the recipes. Sell soup, chili, or cookie jars with the dry ingredients in a canning jar.


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  • These videos provide excellent advice for schools and sport teams looking for fundrasing & dugnad advice. Sit back, relax and enjoy the information.

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